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October 03, 2005


Ari Kaufman

The media is cognizant of the fact that Bush-bashing, racial dividing and showing America is chaos sells. They don't care about being honest nor reporting the whole story; they just want ratings and exposure. Kind of like college professors.
DocJim, you should check out the comments on my blog from some of the liberal apologists right now. Classic and typical.

Matt Brown

Reporting on the news happens so fast these days, it's no wonder that reporters don't get all the facts - they may not have the time to get them. Of course, what sells better - "everyone acting calm at the convention center" or "murder, rape, and mayhem at the convention center"?

LC Scotty

But Jim, they've got tons of layers of fact checkers. That's why they're exempt!! Exempt from reality...


Ari and Matt,

Yeah, it's pretty disgusting that the media adheres to an "if it bleeds, it leads" mentality. It's even more sad that so many news consumers seem to want that.


HAH! I'd like to think that media types cringe when they're reminded of that quote, but I doubt that they have sufficient sense of shame.

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