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October 07, 2005



Doc, maybe you haven't seen Biel's pictorial from a few years ago in "Gear" magazine. At that time, she was probably 20 and still trying to break away from the role she played on 7th Heaven. She is most certainly worth consideration as "sexiest woman alive."

I don't think Michelle Trachtenberg is considered "hot" by most guys. She was like 18 in that film. "Euro Trip," however, is an under-appreaciated picture.

Now, as for the real world, it's Columbus Day and I have been getting letters published in various big city papers, trying to rationalize his holiday being celebrated. See my blog and see some comments. Help. Thanks, Doc!

LC Scotty

Hey Doc,

Great post, and I completely agree. I have always thought Dana Delany was one of the hottest things on the planet, and her presence made that whole awful Akroyd/O'Donnell picture watchable.

One of our local bloggers up here in Buffalo has a gallery he calls "Move Over Brittney" in reference to Spears. He's a lefty, but a great writer. And the girls of MOB are worth the trip



I'm not saying that she's not attractive, just that she ain't the sexiest woman alive.

Scotty, thanks for the link. I'll check it out.


Jessica Alba is voluptuous and sexy. An exception to the new rule.


You're right about that. I think she is aware that she's rather more curvy than most of her peers in Hollywood, too.

Bless her heart!

AJ Kaufman

Aaron, weighing in at 100 pounds soaking wet, how can Alba be "voluptuous?" Two words: Salma Hayek.


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oooh this is exciting! I am going to submit... :) Good luck to all the applicants, I can't wait to see who is chosen!


she has great looks, and is special from the other hollywood stars..don't think she's the sexiest, but she has smth, that "je ne sais quoi" which is very appealing actually..what about her latest movie?

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