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September 14, 2005



Wow, I wish I visited Powerline yesterday. They give a really nice analysis. That should teach me not to be so lazy :)

Ari Kaufman

Of course CNN denied it. You know Ted and Hanoi Jane are pulling the liberal strings there. I love how the Left is now saying we should politicize the hurricane, since the Right is attempting to correctly lay blame upon the local authorities. At the risk of sounding childish, THEY started it!


Yeah, there are some blogs like Powerline and Captain's Quarters that make me feel like I'm wasting my time; I should just have the same post everyday: links to those blogs!

Ari, your point about the left deliberately politicizing the hurricane is really good. What makes it so galling is that they've screeched with outrage non-stop for the past four years anytime it even remotely appeared that a Republican might even think about mentioning 9-11: YOU'RE POLITICIZING THE TRAGEDY!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!

I wonder if we won't be treated to a New Orleans version of the "Jersey Girls" that showed up everywhere after 9-11.

Ari Kaufman

They are quite adept at hypocrisy, those Lefties. They won't rest until they can blame Bush for the next earthquake and/or terrorist attack. Have you ever spent time listening to Air America Radio? That is a case study in why Liberal Talk Radio has NEVER worked!

the daily missive

I am not surprised at CNN whatsoever. Don't you know what CNN stands for? Clinton News Network.

What until Hillary runs in 2008: they might help run her campaign.

Mike's America

Don't let that commie sympathizer Dan intimidate you at the Daily Missive Doc.

Some things ARE black and white, and the siren song of socialism/communism is as black and dark a thing as ever existed on this planet.

Dan's got quite a history defending evil genocidal regimes and attempting to put the handcuffs on the good guys.

Apparently, he's the only person who fails to see the contradiction of his position.


Mike's America,

Welcome to my site.

Dan's commented several times here on my site. While we often don't agree, I've found him to be civil and thoughtful. I admit to being frustrated in my discussions at times (I'm sure he is, too), but I'm far from intimidated.



Hey, no surprises there: Paul Begala and James Carville were helping run Kerry's campaign while working at CNN. No conflict of interest there, eh?

LC Scotty

Hi Jim,

Apparently, ABC couldn't find any outraged refugees after the Presidents speech last night. All six blamed local and state goverment despite the talking head's best goading.




WOW! How did they let THAT get on the air?

Thanks for the info; it's a pleasant surprise.

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