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September 06, 2005



I was going to apologize for that. Not my comment, obviously, but I felt bad since it was on my blog.

I see that you have taken it well though!

Good for you!


I read the exchange, you did well Jim. All too often libs resort to name calling. Very sad.



No prob. I updated my original post; I enjoy going to your blog. It's not your fault at all that jollyroger blew a gasket. What's sort of disappointing about him is that, if he had all the proof he claimed, why didn't he simply present it?


Thanks. Hate to say that I've seen conservatives do this, too. It doesn't help anybody when it happens.


Jim, I hope you know I'd never call you a liar--unless you claimed that, say, you were having second thoughts and had decided that Howard Dean was "not really such a loon after all. No, really, I sorta like the guy..."

LOL, hey, man, it's Ellis. Yes, finally making an appearance in your (very impressive) blog after all these months (!). I can't promise how often I'll post here (you know my history of slackness from "that other place"), but I'll try, and try to make some decent posts. Yours and those of your co-conspirators here (heh) sem to be very well-done, sharply observed, and thought-provoking. Now why am I not surprised? ;)

Just thought I'd finally get off my butt and announce myself. All for now, but , I trust, more later!




Ellis! Glad you could stop by, and hope you do so often.

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