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July 27, 2005



It is a truly immoral organization; but-hey!- as long as it keep the US in check it serves the purposes of the Left. Yes, anti-Americansism is a sickness.


It's not just anti-Americanism in this case. China and a few other countries are making money with Mugabe, and they don't want anything like stopping a humanitarian crisis to upset the apple cart.

What's shameful about it is that we'd probably do much the same...


Good points.


You're right Jim. We trade with China, a nation that does pretty much the same things, & worse.

With all the excitement about the Roberts nomination, I wonder what's happening to Bolton's?

Chris Roberts

Recess appointment for Bolton.

Like Sudan, Bosnia, and Kosovo nothing will happen unless we start it first. For being vilified, nobody does more for more people than the United States.



But remember: we're not doing it for 'the people'. We're doing it for Halliburton.

I was flabbergasted when I went to a seminar at my university about the Vietnam War and one of the professors started ranting that we'd only gone into Bosnia and Kosovo so we could sell hi-tech weapons to the Eastern Europeans!

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