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July 26, 2005



Thank you for the kind words. You know us liberals need lots of encouragement every day, otherwise we lose our 'warm and cuddly' feeling.

(BTW- I still think it is funny that my viewpoint could be considered liberal...it is fun to be the antagonist though.)


I think that you have now hit it on the head perfectly.

It is ironic that many of us, myself included, kind of miss the days of the Soviet Union and the threat of world communism. The Soviets were always predictable, in that they would do what was in their best interest- same as the U.S. The fact that each country could turn the world into so much dust was an excellent deterent as well...who would have thought that M.A.D. would work?!

Now the threat is largely 'unknowable'. Where and how we will be attacked next is THE question. In addition, these terrorists want to die- How do you defend against a foe with no regard for their own life?

The point that you made about working to avoid coming to the precipice that the 'unthinkable' is reality is excellent. While not delving into how complicated a problem it is to choose what we, as Americans, are willing to lose now, so as to not lose more later, I agree it is the road we should go down.

Here is my thought on what we should be doing better-

We need to be taking the fight MORE to the terrorists. We need to hit them HARDER where they are. We need to put them completely on the defensive. If they want to die for their cause, lets' help them out...but on their soil.

I will caveat that statement with- we need a stronger intelligence gathering network, to be sure that when we do hammer on somebody we can back up 'why' 100%. It is very important to me that not only are we the 'good guys', but that we can prove it.


BTW- I only have about half of your reply in my comments. Is it unfinished?


Food for thought. Scary thoughts.


Yeah, trying to deter nutcases who WANT to die to carry out their plans is a tall order. I think you're right: we need to take the fight to them whenever we can. Develop the absolute best intelligence network in the world, find out who their leaders and supporters are, and take steps to disrupt the cells before they can carry out attacks.

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