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July 08, 2005



I agree that China is a great cause for concern. At the same time, I am hopeful that Mark Steyn is right when he predicts that the communists will in fact be the ones to "stop China":

"I said a while back that China was a better bet for the future than Russia or the European Union. Which is damning with faint praise: trapped in a demographic death spiral, Russia and Europe have no future at all. But that doesn't mean China will bestride the scene as a geopolitical colossus. When European analysts coo about a "Chinese century", all they mean is "Oh, God, please, anything other than a second American century". But wishing won't make it so.

China won't advance to the First World with its present borders intact. In a billion-strong state with an 80 per cent rural population cut off from the coastal boom and prevented from participating in it, "One country, two systems" will lead to two or three countries, three or four systems. The 21st century will be an Anglosphere century, with America, India and Australia leading the way. Anti-Americans betting on Beijing will find the China shop is in the end mostly a lot of bull."


I read the Styen article too & while I do agree with some of his points, I am not quite as optimistic as him.

Look at how oppressive the Soviets were & look at how long they lasted. The Communists took over around the end of WW I, they were around for nearly a century.

Also, we were a lot tougher on the Soviets than we are on China. Add to that, the fact that we are fighting Islamic terror. During the Cold War, Russia was our only focus, now we have two.
BTW, if any evidence comes out pointing to China helping the Islamofascists, don't be too surpised.


I, too, hope that Steyn is right about China. I know other people believe / hope that the growth of Christianity in China will doom the communist government.

I'm not optimistic.

As my mother once told me, "I'd always keep enough Bombs around to blow those bastards off the map."

Always listen to Mom.


China is the only true 'traditional' threat to the United States at this time. The WT article is interesting for the fact that it shows how much China is working to fix its' achille's heel- no blue water navy. China does have another weakness it must correct before it can become a military superpower. You cannot project true power if your military equipment comes from an outside source, in this case, Russia. I believe China understands this.

Check out www.globalsecurity.org for more info on China. They have some good stuff.


Thanks for the tip.

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