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June 25, 2005



Wow, I never knew that there were rules for BBQ's. I should try the Dinosaur Sauce. Thanks for the tip.


There is an on-going, more-or-less polite civil war over BBQ here in North Carolina between those who like vinegar-based sauce and those who like tomato-based. Just about every year, books are published on the subject.

Indeed, BBQ is an item of historical significance around here. Not only are historians interested in its origins (some claim Indians, others claim African slaves), but they also study its role in our society.

I recall reading that, after the American victory at the Battle of Cowpens in 1780, Gen. Morgan wanted to pursue the retreating British. Unfortunately, the North Carolina troops were busy having a BBQ to celebrate the victory and couldn't be induced to leave their pigs and pits!


"Battle of Cowpens" How did they come up with that name?


It was a local geographical feature where farmers would pen their cattle for grazing and watering purposes, rather like the Alpine pastures used by Swiss farmers.


LC Scotty

Hi Jim,

Thanks for checking out my site. I love Dinosaur, and they have 3 restaraunts, Rochester (~90 miles from Buffalo), Syracuse (~150 miles from Buffalo) and NYC. I've only been once, to the Syracuse location, but the food was excellent. Asode form the BBQ, the fried green tomatoes were to die for. The sauce is available in grocery stores around here, but I usually make my own. Another personla favorite of mine, though is Sweet Baby Ray's sauce.

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