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May 31, 2005



Hmmm, 9mm for personal defense? I used both a Colt .45 (the old faithful M-1911A1) and a Baretta 9mm in the Army. As tank creman, that's what we were issued as a service weapon (though I'm of the opinion that if we lost all our other weapons, including the main gun, two 7.62mm machine guns, and a .50 caliber heavy machine gun, we were in dire straits indeed to be using a pistol). I found the .45 to have much more "oomph"...better knockdown, and more impact damage. And, it was a sturdy and reliable design; you could kick it, beat it, drop it in water, rub dirt on it, whatever...and it would still shoot.

The only real advantages the 9mm has (and they are considerable, I suppose, given the stupidity of most people these days) are a bigger magazine capacity (15 vs. 7 for the .45) and a simpler design, one that even the most dim-witted person can breakdown and clean.

So, I guess it depends on the user. A .45 seems the better choice for someone that knows what he or she is doing; the 9mm is a better pistol for the novice.



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