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AGE: 36

LOCATION: The Great State of North Carolina

RELIGION: Christian, attending Lutheran services (LCMS) and currently studying for confirmation.

NATIONALITY: American, of course.

MARITAL STATUS: Single. The world should collectively hope that this doesn't change, and that I otherwise don't breed. Talk about piddling in the gene pool...

ETHNICITY: Mutt: English, Scotch-Irish, German, Cherokee Indian. No French so far as I know. This makes me very happy.

OCCUPATION: Quality control chemist. I don't recommend it as a life choice unless you REALLY enjoy telling management that they CAN'T ship $50,000 of material to a customer because it doesn't meet specifications.

EDUCATION: MS, Chemistry from a local state university. I'm not allowed to say which one. They were so sick of me that they gave me my diploma in desperation but with the proviso that I NEVER divulge the name of the school and NEVER come back.

I was working on an MA in US History, but got sick and tired of the rather PC course content. HELLLLOOOOO!!!! I realize that the Civil Rights Era was important, but how can you talk about the history of the 1960s without discussing the Vietnam War???

POLITICAL AFFILIATION: Republican. MIGHT be a Libertarian if it wasn't such a waste of time.

I believe very much that the government that governs best, governs least; and that people are and ought to be responsible for themselves, their own lives, and their own future. No nanny-state, thank you very much!

MILITARY SERVICE: Six years, North Carolina National Guard. I was a good soldier, despite having no interest in ever passing my PT test (I HATE to run).

WHY I BLOG: Because I've got an opinion on just about everything.


I enjoy discussing politics, American history, military history, movies, and many other things. I enjoy target shooting, reading, writing, cooking, and playing with my magnificent Shetland Sheepdog.